5 December 2024
ExCeL London

Archilles by Elija – Alien Column

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3D Printed – Voronoi Alien Column / Planter

Voronoi Structure is connected to the drainage/water system; This will allow rainwater to flow down from the hollow organic form heading to the plants. This enables self-sufficiency to the design with multifunctioning solutions that supports the building as a column as well as a sustainable planter that brings the atmosphere from outside to the interior. Column is 3D printed by the 3D printing machines. Printers will be automated as flying drones to reach the higher parts of the column and a Fixed version that moves on the scaffolding grid to build each column.

Design is inspired by Michael Hans Meyer’s 3D Subdivided columns and MX3D bridge in Amsterdam. The vision of this design was to showcase the combination of future and sustainability in one design. Not just by using sustainable materials to create the structure itself but to push the growth of greens and introduce a multifunctional design; That could be used as a column and has the same strength of a column also is a planter that promotes the growth of greens.

Materials 3D Printed recycled plastic. Aluminium coating finish.

Supporting Document