Company Name: Aros Marine

Product Name: DO IT application (internal project management app)

The “DO IT” (internal project management app) project has been created to increase the effectiveness of production during refits and long-term new-build projects from the current 80% to 100%.

The main targets in order of priority were:

  • Reduction of time wasted by workers
  • Improvement new project estimation accuracy
  • Identification of loss reasons

This new tool was developed for changing the mindset of the workers, causing them to use working time more effectively.

Main benefits:

  • The ability to collect data for reasons of time loss;
  • The ability to pursue the dynamics of each worker’s productivity;
  • More accurate calculation of new projects;
  • Convenient data analysis/troubleshooting;
  • Convenient reporting system;
  • Ability to monitor all company processes/projects in real-time;
  • The ability to mark Health & Safety issues.

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