Company Name: CMIT Europe
Space Name: IN&OUT

The idea behind the design of the suite bathroom is to create a space that emphasizes external natural context giving to the passenger the impression of being in direct contact with the outside.

The toilet, a 4×4 module of about 10 square meter surface, is organized in 4 main areas: washroom, wc, relax area and shower.

The spaces are divided by two semi permeable elements that both divide and give the perception of a single large space.

Material are chosen to resemble nature: porcelain stoneware recalls granite and gray durmast oak. Both of them with light and neutral tones in order to highlight the green of the plants leaning against het wall. Brass faucet are the clear contrast between nature and artificial …. human. Same principle for the window that, through a brass frame, gives the impression of admiring a painting while focusing on the external view.

Hot and humid air as well as the mirrors, that reflect natural sun light, is ideal environment for the tropical plants that populate the area.

Lighting is guaranteed by LED strips along WC area, washroom and a wooden grid over the shower.

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