Company Name: CMIT Europe
Space Name: The Waterfall

“The Waterfall” is a concept design for a wellness-spa area on an adventure cruise ship, travelling through Arctic and Antarctic seas allowing its passengers to experience the wildest nature. The space of about 100 sqm was designed to host up to 15 guests.

The project is a sequence of spaces that are visually and physically related, designed to be gradually discovered.

The entrance hall acts as a filter space, and is sided by specialistic functions like changing rooms, restroom and beauty treatment/massage room. Neutral colours and dim lights draw the attention to the area dedicated to relaxing.

The entrance to the spa immediately projects the guest towards the panorama, through the completely glazed external aft wall. The common idea of the cruise spa as a completely enclosed and artificially lit space is here completely overturned: the guest finds himself inside a stone cave, with one side open to the nature. The cave is crossed by a stream of water. Starting from the waterfall, across the internal space, over subsequent steps, it finally flows to the outside going beyond the infinity pool limits and ideally reaching the sea.

The space is entirely covered in grey grooved stone, to remind the idea of the cave. Natural wood, water and white soft shaped furniture build a minimal space that does not divert the attention from the relationship with the external context.

The whole ritual of the spa develops in the lateral rooms, precious gems ideally carved into the stone wall and entirely covered with shiny blue mosaic tiles. They define semi-private areas that house services dedicated to the personal well-being: the sauna, the Turkish bath, the whirlpool and the emotional showers. From each room guests can enjoy the landscape from large panoramic windows.

The heated pool is both indoors and outdoors, guests can freely move while in the water through a glazed sliding door. The glass aft side of the pool is right on top of the ship stern letting you float over the sea in the landscape. The external deck area furnished with sofas and fire pit is completely dedicated to the contemplation of the panorama.

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