Company Name: CMIT Europe
Space Name: Tropical White Cocktail Bar

The project is the first tropical chic open-air bar and has a strong identity with an international appeal. The style is actual and modern and creates a playful and young atmosphere that can intrigue all the different users of cruise ships.

Immediately when “entering” the bar area, the customer has a wide and free view of the sea, thanks to glass railings and various low seats. The space is divided into different areas, two side and a central one that culminate towards the bow with a fully equipped counter. The central area, furnished in a traditional way with movable tables and chairs, is integrated with a decorative wooden ceiling and enriched by vegetation and lights. This wooden element was inspired by a pagoda, creating a symbolic relationship between inside and outside. On each side of the central area two LED tube light arrays enrich the space by creating plays of light and scenic background. Differently from the central one, the side areas are cosy and create private spaces with sea view. The furniture here consists of continuous sofas, with poufs and coffee tables.

In general the design contains a strong presence of vegetation and uses natural materials like wood that we can find in the ceiling and in the counter. The combination of light and warm colours matches with the powerful lighting elements. Finally the open-air bar has an eclectic but still traditional style creating a pleasant and dynamic space for all its users.

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