Nominations have opened for CSI Awards 2023! With 10 awards and 15 winners across two categories, there are many opportunities to submit your best design or product to win a coveted trophy at Cruise Ship Interiors Design Expo Europe 2023 (CSIE) this November. However, if you are unsure about which category to enter or whether your entry will qualify for an award, then look no further. This guide contains all you need to know about entering CSI Awards 2023. In this blog, we will introduce you to this year’s categories and our guidelines for entry, answering all your questions.


This year, CSI Awards are split into two categories: spaces and products. This category is dedicated to the key spaces on board cruise ships that take guest experience to the next level and bring the brand to life. The awards apply to spaces on board river, expedition and ocean cruise ship vessels. Within this category, there are seven awards and 12 winners.

Most Sustainable Interior (NEW)

This award celebrates interior design that not only looks beautiful but has been designed with sustainability in mind. Those entering will have sourced the most sustainable products on the market and worked with suppliers who place sustainability at the heart of their business processes. This space will have been created not with trends in mind but with longevity.

Nominations for this award can feature any interior space on board a cruise ship, including guest cabins, crew quarters, and public areas (restaurants, bars, cafes, entertainment venues, etc.).

Sustainable dining space on board Hurtigruten’s MS Trollfjord

Best Crew Area (NEW)

A cruise is a luxurious experience for guests on board, but it also needs to provide a home away from home and a sanctuary for the crew. Submissions for this award must include communal crew spaces (bars, training rooms, dining spaces, lounges), or sleeping quarters on board river, ocean and expedition cruise vessels.

Crew bar on board Pacific Explorer

Best Stateroom – Sponsored by Panaz

Whilst cruising, a stateroom must provide comfort, respite and a space for relaxation after an action-packed day. Submissions for this award must include guest living accommodation interior designs on board a cruise vessel. There will be two winners for this award, with a winner being chosen for both a small and a large cruise ship.

Best Suite

Larger and more luxurious than a stateroom, suite accommodations are premium-grade cabins on board a cruise ship that allow passengers to travel in style. Their stunning designs offer an upgraded experience on board, with spacious layouts separating sleeping areas from the living space and enhanced amenities. This category celebrates the best in interior design for cruise suites. There will be two winners for this award, with a winner being chosen for both a small and a large cruise ship.

Previous winners include Explora Journeys – Ocean Suite.

Best Public Space

Cruising isn’t just about destinations; there is also plenty to enjoy on board during days at sea. Over the years, public spaces have become larger than life, with the introduction of exciting new entertainment opportunities, from laser tag to rollercoasters, as well as transformative design trends that bring passengers closer to the destination through infinity pools and observation lounges. There will be two winners for this award, with a winner being chosen for both a small and a large cruise ship.

Spaces that qualify for this award include lounges, bars, entertainment spaces (theatres and stages, arcades, casinos, children’s clubs), pools, retail, and spa or fitness spaces.

Previous winners include Norwegian Prima’s Atrium.

Best Casual Dining

Casual dining spaces on board offer passengers a relaxed, informal environment to enjoy their food. These are often complimentary food venues on board. There will be two winners for this award, with a winner being chosen for both a small and a large cruise ship.

Arts Café casual dining space on board Silver Nova

Best Fine Dining

Serving specialty cuisine, fine dining spaces offer an elevated dining experience on board a cruise ship. These bespoke restaurants are often themed around their cuisine and boast exquisite design that exudes luxury. There will be two winners for this award, with a winner being chosen for both a small and a large cruise ship.

Previously this category was ‘Best Restaurant or Bar’, but has since been split into Best Fine Dining and Best Casual Dining. Winners of the previous category include MSC Cruises’ Masters of the Sea British Pub and The Gin Project.

Past winner: Masters of the Sea British Pub and the Gin Project by MSC Cruises


The cruise industry wouldn’t be what it is without the suppliers that create outstanding products and services that make every newbuild and refit project entirely unique. This category celebrates the best of cruise suppliers, with three awards to be won.

The Sustainability Award – Sponsored by dormakaba

Does your product or service serve the sustainability agenda? Does it offer the cruise lines, design studios, outfitters or shipyards a more sustainable option than your competitors? Is it sustainably certified? The Sustainability Award will go to the most environmentally responsible innovation the cruise interior design industry has seen this year.

Previous winners include Dansk Wiltons Colortec ORIGIN carpet.

Previous winner: Dansk Wiltons Colortec ORIGIN carpet

The Innovation Award

Have you recently created a brand-new product or service which will change the norm of the industry?

We are looking to see examples of groundbreaking products and services, as well as changes or adaptations to your existing offerings so simple you can’t believe it hadn’t been done before.

This award seeks to highlight those pushing the boundaries within interior design.

Please note this award is not for technology products or softwares, that’s covered in The Technology Award.

Previous winners include Tillberg Design of Sweden’s funnel design of Norwegian Prima and Granitifiandre S.P.A.’s Active Surfaces.

The Technology Award

Have you recently implemented or created a new technology to streamline or enhance what you offer your customers? Share it with the community and submit your entry.

Previous winners include Trimline App (TAPP).