Company Name: Eumar Design

Product Name: GelCeramic Lightweight®

Eumar Design is a European based, award-winning bathroom interior manufacturer, specializing in cruise ship and land-based hospitality. They assist in creating the most beautiful and functional bathroom environment in the highest quality and for the best value. They supply lightweight composite stone washbasins, bathroom furniture, LED mirrors and shower enclosures, while utilizing a fully-integrated design approach that minimizes risk and maximizes value. Among Eumar references there are tens of thousands Crew, Pax and Public area bathrooms supplied to at least 50 different cruise ships worldwide. Their core DNA stands in unique injection molding technique, speed of new product development based on customer needs, perfection in engineering and a compulsive passion for innovation in product functionality and design.

eumar bring unique lightweight composite stone products to marine and offshore industry bathrooms.

Eumar invented an exclusive formula for a GelCeramic Lightweight® composite stone material allowing them to reduce product weight by up to 50%. Within 10-15 years of cruise ship operation it significantly impacts cost savings and a reduced environmental impact, and therefore ensures obtaining the highest ROI for cruise ship owners.

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