Company Name: Marella Cruises

We have nominated the Marella Cruises Operations and Refurbishment team for the Cruise Line Team of the Year award because of their proactive and pragmatic approach to outfitting. Also, they are always looking for new and innovative ideas for their ships which keeps their refit projects interesting to work on.

Our open and honest relationship enables us to work in a truly collaborative manner, helping us to feel like we are a valued extension of the in-house team.


There are many reasons why we are nominating the Marella Operations and Refurbishment team for the Cruise Line Team of the Year award.

Over the years, we have worked collaboratively with the Marella team to find solutions to multiple refit challenges, and during this time our relationship has developed into one based on openness and honesty. We always know where we are with the team and this makes them a delight to deal with.

Since the pandemic we have all faced extreme restrictions, but due to the strength of our relationship we have been able to overcome challenges and have things run as smoothly as possible. Whilst work scopes were reduced, they kept some work running through those long difficult months which helped the outfitting sector tremendously. In addition:

  • They treat us as a valued extension of their in-house team
  • We work in a truly collaborative manner, helping us to deliver the best refit outcome
  • They are quick to respond to requests – therefore reducing lead time penalties
  • They understand when unforeseen challenges occur during refit and then work with us to agree solutions in a reasonable manner
  • There is always a fun, interesting element to their refits. Whether it be painting a piano bright yellow or fitting an interactive dance floor.

Having a strong relationship built on trust and honesty, Matt Easton was our natural choice to work with while we have been developing our new technology this year. His feedback has been valuable throughout its development, enabling us to add features to the software that are more beneficial to customers throughout their projects.

When we partner with Marella on a refit we feel like equal partners, with both sides taking pride in the final outcome. Success helps both companies grow stronger for bigger, better projects next time.

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