Mystic Cruises launched the World Navigator, its first expedition vessel, as a new flagship marking a new era of luxury expedition cruises, by creating a five-star experience, akin to the one a guest might experience in one of the world’s leading hotels. The Portuguese design studio OitoemPonto, with vast expertise in the luxury hospitality business, was commissioned with creating the interior design concept.

The result of the design concept brings the aesthetics of the 1940s into the new millennium. Something modern and contemporary, but with an added edge, such as the glossy mahogany for all interiors and the contrasting marble graphic designs.

To convey the true experience of luxury adventure, a unique atmosphere has been created with the use of sophisticated, bold fabrics and with furniture and carpeting that was specially designed for World Navigator.

The boldness and audacity of the concept lead to the need to recreate and reinvent some of the traditional ship’s areas, a job only possible by a careful, detailed, and inventive work by Mystic Cruises’ architectural, nautical and design team, translating the vision of the design studio into a practical and seamless onboard experience.

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