Virgin Voyages is on a mission to create the world’s most irresistible travel brand. They are seeking to redefine what you should expect from a holiday at sea and create an Epic Sea Change For All –their cruise purpose.

Virgin Voyages places people at the heart and soul of their business. They are united in their desire to create something really special for future sailors. Virgin Voyages are inspired by their sailors, who have challenged them to create something more audacious than the word “cruise” can capture. From their custom-designed ships, to their commitment to charting a greener course through the ocean’s blue, and to delivering a holiday where irresistible style has finally found its sea legs, Virgin Voyages has accepted that challenge. Virgin Voyages is also committed to having one of the cleanest fleets at sea, by investing in clean efficient technologies and implementing policies to reduce their environmental footprint. Additionally, they don’t use any single-use plastics onboard their ships, instead making use of recyclable and reusable materials.