The principle that guides the design of ACTIVE SURFACES® is the desire to offer a product that improves the well-being of the individual in the spaces, but in order for this to be as safe and effective as possible, we could not ignore the use of the scientific method in its realization.

ACTIVE SURFACES® products are therefore born from a close collaboration between Iris Ceramica Group, the Chemistry Department of the University of Milan and the ARTEST Microbiology Laboratory of Modena in order to ensure constant scientific validation for the material from the very beginning.

To achieve this, the internationally recognized ISO standards have been followed, because they impose on laboratories an accurate and precise method of carrying out tests, reproducible in any laboratory in the world. Added to this is participation in national and international conferences and the publication of specific articles in international journals and books in the advanced materials sector.

Thanks to this, ACTIVE SURFACES® is the only ISO certified anti-polluting, antibacterial and antiviral ceramic in the world.

ACTIVE surfaces have been tested in authorized and specialized laboratories that have issued the following certificates: ISO 10678: 2010, ISO 27447: 2009, ISO 27448-1: 2008, ISO 22196: 2011, ISO 22197-1: 2016, ISO 21702, ISO 18061, UNI 11484: 2013, UNI EN 15457: 2014, UNI 11021: 2002, UNI 9805/91.

ACTIVE SURFACES® ceramics have been patented both for the photocatalytic product and for the production process. They have two European patents:

The first patent EP2443076 of 2014 relates to the use of micrometric titanium dioxide (TiO2) and the related production process. As a result of technological improvements, there has been a drastic reduction in CO2 emissions and total savings in water consumption, while the type of TiO2 used has also evolved.

The second patent EP3277634, obtained in 2020, relates precisely to the preparation of the new titanium dioxide doped with silver. Today, ceramics also work under LED lights and the antibacterial action remains unchanged in any light condition, even in the dark, 24 hours a day.

Despite these important achievements, Iris Ceramica Group continues its research to further improve the efficiency and performance of ACTIVE SURFACES® products, in order to promote spaces where individual and collective well-being is always at the centre of the design. We want to be able to offer you more and more performing products able to protect our health and well-being even more with an eye to sustainability from the choice of materials to industrial production.

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