5 December 2024
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Guide To Making Your Entry Stand Out

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The Cruise Ship Interiors Awards, supported by Global Headline Sponsor Kalmar Lighting, are back for 2021. We can’t wait to celebrate the individuals, teams and companies who make our industry the creative, collaborative and incredible space it is.

Last year, we saw over 200 entries flood in and we are so excited to see the entries for this year’s awards, especially as we have shifted the focus to mainly celebrate the people who make our industry so special.

Before submitting your entry, make sure you read the following to prepare yourself to create the best entry possible and give you, or your nominee, the best chance of winning.


  • Get your entry in on time. Entries close Friday 17th September and no matter how great your entry is, if it comes in after this time, we won’t be able to accept it.
  • Get your entry in early. We all know how easy it is to say ‘the deadline’s ages away, I have plenty of time to enter’ and we all know how quickly that time flies by. Get your entry in NOW to save any last minute rushes and ensure your submission is the best it can be.
  • Be prepared. There’s nothing worse than completing an entry, getting towards the end and realising you’re missing one vital bit of information. Our advice: take the time to read what information you need to enter your chosen category and prepare all the information before starting your entry. This information can be found on the below links:


  • Take your time. There is no need to rush your entry. Prepare your entry properly by producing engaging, well designed supporting documents that stand out, check your spelling and grammar and make sure the information you are providing is accurate. Your entry will be compared to hundreds of other submissions, so give yourself the best shot by making your entry flawless.
  • Be concise. When writing your award entry, try and be as concise as possible, while getting across all the relevant information the judges will need to know. Ensure the most exciting and urgent aspects of your entry isn’t hidden by other interesting, but irrelevant information. Give them all the information they need in a clear and easy to digest manner.
  • Only enter relevant categories. Make sure the entry you are submitting is right for the category. For example, entering a company to win The Individual Award clearly doesn’t make sense. While the Cruise Ship Interiors Awards Team will do their best to move entries into the right categories, there is the risk that any entries submitted to the wrong category will not be considered. If you are not sure which category to enter, please reach out to Summer Reed who will be able to assist you.


And that’s it! Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to submitting a fantastic entry.