5 December 2024
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Increasing the proportion of underlays manufactured from recycled products from 16% to 70%+ since 2008.

We manufacture most of our underlays from recycled material, our crumb rubber and PU foam underlays contain approximately 80% recycled content. The crumb rubber is made from recycled car tyres and some 3 million are recycled every year to make our underlay;

Reducing our factory emissions by over 90%

In 2008 we invested £3.5m in regenerative thermal oxidisers (RTOs) to eliminate odour, oil particles and VOCs. Although our emissions were already below the legal requirements we have further reduced emissions by over 90%.

Green Label Plus

Our underlays hold the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) Green Label Plus accreditation, meaning our products conform to the CRI’s high standards for indoor air quality and low VOC emissions.

Launched in 2016, Harmony of the Seas, is one of the world’s largest passenger vessels.
Interfloor was chosen as the supplier of IMO (International Maritime Organisation) approved underlay for this Royal Caribbean’s flagship Cruise Liner.
Interfloor was proud to provide 28,000 sqm of our Tredaire Flamecheck PU underlay to be used in the public areas.
Flamecheck underlay is perfect for this type of installation as it passes the stringent IMO flammability and toxicity tests and has an End Use Classification (BS 5808: 1991: HC/U) of Heavy Contract Use, meaning it can withstand the high foot-traffic of busy public areas, and it can also be installed using ‘Double Stick’ installation, which is necessary for large open areas where traditional ‘Stretch Fit’ installation is not suitable.

Our PU underlays contain around 80% recycled content and are rated in accordance with the LEED point system.

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