Company Name: MJM Marine and Vyv

Product Name: Vyv 100% UV-Free Antimicrobial Light Technology

For MJM, collaboration with strategic partners is key to success in the cruise industry. When the Coronavirus pandemic hit the company and the industry, MJM began looking at solutions that could help to get cruise operators and the industry back up and running again safely.

As a leading global outfitter, working throughout the world in the cruise industry, MJM entered into a new partnership with Vyv. Vyv is a health tech company and a market leader in UV-free antimicrobial light technology. This partnership combines MJM’s interior expertise with the continuous cleaning antimicrobial lighting products.

Vyv’s range of antimicrobial lighting solutions continuously clean the spaces they light while meeting international standards for unrestricted use around people, unlike UV-C light. Vyv LED lighting offers safety and security to customers and staff at a time when people demand higher standards of environmental wellness.

Vyv’s solutions use LED lighting to create environments that are inhospitable to viruses (including SARS-CoV-2), bacteria, mould, fungi and yeast whilst illuminating the area for use. Essentially, to the naked eye these look identical to any other overhead light but with the added impact to prevent microbial growth on surfaces. The latest studies confirm effectiveness against both non-enveloped and enveloped viruses, which include Norovirus, Influenza A and COVID-19.

MJM has been working with Vyv to help develop the Vyv lighting systems for use in the open marketplace and adapting the product portfolio for installation throughout the maritime industry, including cruise ships, both in renovations and new builds. This alone has the potential to help revolutionise safe travel particularly where large groups of people are traveling together onboard ships.

Gary Annett, MJM CEO said of the partnership, “Partnering with Vyv has given us something different to offer our clients. With our expertise in the outfitting industry we are well placed to help clients integrate Vyv lighting products into existing spaces on board cruise ships as well as new build. Vyv’s range of antimicrobial light solutions continuously clean the environment in which they are installed. They offer safety and security to customers and staff at a time when people demand higher environmental wellness standards. That’s really important as we work with our clients in the cruise industry to get their fleets up and running again safely.”

Vyv offers the skills and deep knowledge to advise its clients on how to maximize the efficacy of Vyv antimicrobial lights to address their unique needs. MJM’s outfitting experience combined with Vyv’s ability to perform a wide spectrum of studies enables us to provide the necessary data to evaluate solutions for the client.

“At Vyv, our corporate mission is to do all that we can to contribute to a cleaner and safer planet,” says Colleen Costello, co-founder and CEO, Vyv, Inc. “Our working relationship with MJM has been stellar. Their team is among the finest in the maritime industry, with whom we share a common view of how best to contribute to a cleaner environment both onboard ships and wherever there are microbial challenges.”

At a time in the cruise industry when budgets are stretched due to the pandemic, we were keen to offer a product that could be easily integrated into existing areas on board. The Vyv lighting control systems offer full integration with standard lighting controls for easy installation that is simple and most cost-effective. The designs are highly adaptable for retrofitting existing lighting configurations and applications. These lighting systems also offer all the benefits of high-quality LED lighting. They are sustainable and energy efficient in their operation, extended lifetime to reduce wastage, precise colour spectrum tuning and are suitable in large areas like overhead lighting, or in small spaces like behind an elevator button.

Benefits of Vyv over UV-C light

Exposure to doses of UV-C light is simply not safe for humans because it can cause sunburn and lead to skin cancer and eye disease. It should only be used in unoccupied areas or within an enclosed space with no risk of human exposure. UV light also impacts materials by breaking down the chemical bonds in plastics, rubber, insulation and other similar materials. This leads to rapid aging and deterioration and potentially costly repairs or replacements. It therefore can only be used for short periods of time.

Vyv UV-free Antimicrobial Light on the other hand meets international standards for continuous and unrestricted use around people. The cost is low/medium and upfront for Vyv lighting and a one-time installation, UV-C requires regular bulb replacement, manual operation and typically requires supervision at the time it is applied.