Company Name: Oy NIT Naval Interior Team

Product Name: GreeNIT – Carbon footprint calculation

NIT Naval Interior Team is a Finnish interior outfitter specialist that has built great spaces to world’s leading shipyards and shipowners for over 20 years. NIT is steering the company towards more sustainable strategies by measuring the environmental impact of the turnkey delivery.

Together with VTT (Technical Research Center of Finland) NIT has developed a tool for calculating the carbon footprint of its operations and especially the areas delivered. Calculation method was created for interior areas as a part of GreeNIT project in order to achieve a positive climate impact (carbon handprint of a product that creates an emission reduction potential for the user). More information about the calculation method in the PDF provided.

With the data of GreeNIT carbon footprint calculation NIT is able to offer more sustainable designs and material selections in future ships. By measuring and identifying the energy efficiency of a carbon footprint, reducing emissions is made possible. NIT desires to profile itself as a pioneer in the environmental issues and provides customers with the opportunity to choose sustainable solutions.

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