Manager of the Cruise Ship Interiors Awards, Bethany Davies

Thank you for joining us Bethany! Could you tell us a little more about what the Cruise Ship Interiors Awards are about and what they do?

The idea came to us when we were in Miami last June, surrounded by such amazing talent. The one thing missing from this incredible industry was a platform to award and celebrate the hard work that goes into every detail that combined makes cruise ships what they are.

Why is now the right time for a cruise interiors awards show?

Now is a perfect time. The industry is booming! And with CSI America being held in Miami, everyone who should be at the awards is already there. Not only are there more ships on order than ever before, the cruise market is evolving and the cruise interiors industry is responding to that. Whether it’s specially designed spaces for solo passengers, the ultra-luxury of expedition cruising or photo-ready public areas for the millennial market, we are in a thrilling time for design. We really wanted to recognize the innovation happening at the moment.

What are the judges looking for in the nominated projects and products?

Judges are looking for a product that distinguishes itself aesthetically, standing out from its peers in terms of beauty, creativity and instant visual impact, but also fulfils the greatest tenet of design by marrying those qualities with innovation, incredible functionality and the ability to approve the users day or even life.

What will the lucky winner of each category receive?

Winning an award is a great opportunity to benchmark your company against industry leaders, boost your PR and boost the profile of a project you excelled at. Winners will receive a stunning award to display on their booth at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo America, alongside this the winners will have…

  • The opportunity to boost their brand by being able to shout from the rooftops that they have won.
  • A huge amount of marketing provided by the Cruise Ship Interiors Team post event
  • A certificate to display in their office/showroom.

You’ve been hard at work behind the scenes on the awards night. Any chance of getting a little sneak peek of what the night will hold?

I don’t want to give away too much at this stage, but we’ll be taking everyone back to an iconic age of design and a golden era for cruise ships. It’s going to be an unmissable night and we can’t wait to see everyone there.

Interested in submitting for an award? Click here to pick a category and submit your work.