Company Name: Rossin GmbH
Product Name: cleo metal
Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean Cruises

cleo metal – Archirivolto design
This series, designed like a domestic architecture, is marked by an outer shell and a modern swivel cross base in metal. The comfortable upholstered shell gives relaxation from the hectic of daily routine and allows recharging the batteries.

Archirivolto was founded in 1983 by Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci as an industrial planning, design and architecture studio.

While studying Architecture in Florence, Claudio and Marco started an experimental theatre group together with some friends. When they decided to focus their joint efforts on design, their interest in theatre strongly influenced the set-up of their new studio: creativity, sense of reality, respect and attention for the public. For Pocci+Dondoli design is beauty, harmony and freedom and cannot be bound by strict, pre-established rules, nor can it be the privilege of a social or cultural elite.

One of the studio’s principles is the research on materials and processing to achieve the best value for money. Preferred materials such as aluminium, plastic and leather gain nobility and elegance through sophisticated processing. During the last years the studio has received more and more requests from international clients who appreciate the professionalism of the team and the quality of the products. At the same time, Pocci+Dondoli have been leading the reconstruction of a Tuscan hamlet where they have started a fine wine production.

The company ROSSIN
Rossin, manufacturer of upholstery since 1964, offers a wide range of high-quality design furniture. Rossin’s collections include armchairs, sofas, benches, tables, chairs, beds, headboards, sofa beds, and coffee tables for all areas within hospitality such as lounges, restaurants, lobbies, cafes, spas as well as hotel rooms, suites and apartments. Rossin develops upholstered furniture in partnership with famous international architects. Its designs are contemporary, sophisticated and of highest quality. Its style follows the most innovative and advanced trends while maintaining an expression of balance, elegance, reliability and durability. Modern classics that fit effortlessly into all types of environments. Rossin has been awarded many international Design Awards: RED DOT DESIGN AWARD, GOOD DESIGN AWARD, INTERIOR INNOVATION AWARD, GERMAN DESIGN AWARD.

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