Company Name: Royal Caribbean Group

Product Name: Virtual Design & Construction

Royal Caribbean Group deserves this award because it has set the bar, indeed a high bar, for first having the vision and then the drive and determination to implement the use of latest and state of the art technologies to optimize the Design and Building of its own ships, by leveraging using Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) technology to deliver not just best in class, but also largest cruise ships ever built in the history of cruising.

My role as Director or VDC is only possible because of this company’s passion for leveraging technology to deliver the best guest experiences in the industry and that is in no small part, because we design and build own own ships in partnership with world class interior designers and architects that also know how to leverage Virtual Reality to Present, Review, Align and Decide on Design Intent before the first rivet is bolted to the ship. There by also reducing risk.

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