Company Name: SMC Design
Space Name: The Spa by Liv Nordic
Cruise Line: Viking Cruises
Ship Name: Viking Jupiter

True Norwegian finishes such as blonde woods, dark Norwegian blue slate, and wall prints of native Norwegian aspen tree’s offer guests a true “Hygge” spa experience. The hydrotherapy spa pool areas have been inspired by the Scandinavian extremities of “Fire & Ice” treatments. The warmth of “fire” coming from the more well-known treatments such as traditional Norwegian sauna’s and steam rooms, while the “Ice” offers some more unconventional treatments for the braver guests such as the snow grotto, and Ice water plunge, making the Liv Nordic spa experience truly unforgettable.

To create an immersive ‘Hygge’ spa experience inspired by the calming natural environment of Norway and its natural beauty.

The Design
On Viking Jupiter, The Spa by Liv Nordic is located forward of the main Atrium space taking up an entire fire zone on Deck 1. Guests are greeted by a slate-tiled reception desk encapsulated and illuminated in a seamless glazed box, with doors leading to the salon and gymnasium behind. Retail displays adorn the walls along the route to the hyrdrotherapy area, where the guests first impression of the “Hygge” spa experience is a fireplace embedded into the timber slatted wall between the corridors and pool area. Separate changing facilities offer a mirrored experience, with individual saunas and ice plunge pools simulating the Norwegian spa experience. The changing areas offer lounging opportunities with views out to sea in a private environment.

The communal spa experience takes place within the Hydrotherapy room, where guests are immediately welcomed by the aforementioned fireplace, this time bordered by dark slate tiles. Uplit vertical timber slats provide a backdrop to the lounging area, where guests can see the two feature narratives of the space, “Fire and Ice”. On the right is steam room glowing a burnt orange colour, and in contrast on the left is the Snow Grotto with deep blue undertones. Showers flank both of these experiences, and at the rear of the room, mosaic tiled thermal benches sit in front of peaceful waterfall cascading over the signature slate tile of the room.

Guests have the opportunity to indulge in private treatments in this area, with eight rooms signified by numerical slate tiles accompanied by a leaf indicating the presence of guests inside. The showpiece room along the treatment corridor is a larger treatment room for couples, offering a mini-spa experience with treatment tables, showers, lounging and also their own private jacuzzi pool.

Designer Insight (Director, Alan Stewart)
Our intention was to create a spa that was contemporary Norwegian in style. And our goal was to create a spa very different to any other spa at sea. The catalyst for the inspiration came from the temperature contrast of “Ice and Fire”, and how this could be applied to the treatments we offered to our guests. Viking were indeed the first cruise company to have installed a working “Snow grotto” treatment, they were also the first to pioneer the first “Optimist fireplace” at sea. Pushing with the use of such new technologies really give’s Jupiter’s spa the edge we were after, and essentially creates an truly unique spa experience.

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