5 December 2024
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Who is this category for?

This category is dedicated to the key spaces on board that take guest experience to the next level and bring the brand to life.

Who can enter?

Cruise lines, Design Studios, Architects and Interior Suppliers can submit a space they worked on from a project within the last 3 years.


What information do I need to complete the entry?

To complete the entry for this award, you will need the following information:

  • Company name
  • Space name
  • Contact name
  • Cruise line
  • Lead designer
  • Ship name
  • Date the project started and ended
  • Website address
  • Email address
  • A brief description of the space and why you are submitting this particular one. Please provide as much information as you can and examples to back up what you are saying where possible.
  • Up to 6 images (optional)
  • A supporting PDF (optional)