Company Name: Tidelli & Sami Hayek

Product Name: Veracruz Collection Outdoor Furniture

Tidelli is proud to present the new line VERACRUZ by Sami Hayek. The new Latina Collection by Tidelli brings in its concept the cultural roots of a people, full of affective memories and a lot of emotion. Specialized in the development of outdoor living furniture, the brand presents new ideas in keeping with the trend of giving new meaning to the house. The house has become an even more multifunctional space recently, incorporating working, studying, having fun, and resting in the same place.

Veracruz from Sami Hayek
Another line that gets an international signature is Veracruz, by Sami Hayek. Known for his vibrant and minimalist style, he was inspired by his home Mexican state, with the same name, to create the furniture. “I was born in the city of Coatzacoalcos, in Veracruz. I named it because I found many similarities between the way I grew up and the culture that involved me with the culture and way of life in Brazil,” he explains and points out: “The partnership with Tidelli has been a very cool process. There is an interaction between the two parties, which is fun and challenging, in a good sense”.

For the Mexican artist, design is about promoting experiences. That is exactly what Vera Cruz means. According to Hayek, the line was conceived to be used in multi-styles spaces:

“It’s always about receptivity and freedom,” he says, and adds: “The line becomes a blank canvas for designers, architects, and users to create their spaces. It refers to the beauty of having the proper measure of structure and discipline, but also a strong amount of enthusiasm, freedom, curiosity. Basically, this is what I want. This is the story I want to tell through this product”.

Hayek believes there is a void in the world market for outdoor furniture, and Tidelli has all the necessary tools to fill this space that is so sought after and so little properly explored. “Now that I work with the brand, I understand how they manage to do this. They are an incredible vertical company. Everything is in there. Decisions are made quickly and do not waste resources on paperwork and outsourcing. They are focused on the company, from raw material to product development, manufacturing, distribution, etc. They cut all the distraction and costs, so they can offer a high-quality product at a reasonable price”.

Tidelli’s president, Luciano Mandelli, highlights that the partnership with Giraldo and Hayek has brought new energy along with innovative lines. “It all started with the willing. We were improving and adapting the designers’ ideas to what was feasible to do in the factory. So, we started by building technology together”, he recalls, and concludes: “This is one of our differentials and what make us capable of presenting something unique, exclusive and full of personality to the market”.

Sami Hayek
For the Mexican artist, designing is about promoting experiences. His vibrant and minimalist style is proof of this statement. Despite being inspired by the colors, textures, and emotions of his home country to develop his creations, Sami Hayek has traveled the world to promote not only his work but also his knowledge, as a teacher and speaker. In 2021, the designer joins Tidelli and returns to his roots, daring to mix materials, such as aluminum, wood, and ribbon rope. Hayek was inspired by the Mexican state of Veracruz to develop his line – comprised of a modular sofa, screen, coffee table, dining table, armchair, and chair – which brings together multifaceted references from his country to the precise shapes that give identity to his style.

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