Company Name: Tomas Tillberg Design

Specific Team: SunStone Ships Newbuild Team

As we all know, 2020 was a very difficult year for the whole world. The COVID-19 pandemic affected many businesses globally, with the maritime industry taking one of the hardest hits.

Our office was in the midst of designing a series of newbuilds in China for Sunstone Ships when the pandemic descended upon us. Our team had to quickly adapt to all the unprecedented changes that suddenly came their way. They tackled the situation head-on and found solutions to every problem as they arose. They learned to adjust their personal lives and shift from working at the office to working from home in an efficient way. In essence, they swiftly reorganized the entire design process by optimizing technological tools such as 3D renderings and digital concept boards to interface with clients and communicate the design intent without the usual physical interaction or direct collaboration. Additionally, selecting and sourcing materials became an immense challenge for our designers.

Vendors had to rely on virtual presentations and accurately showcase materials through a computer screen, which cannot always match reality with everybody’s computer screen reading color/graphics differently. The strong relationship and support they have with vendors helped us bridge the gaps between the two worlds – virtual and physical. Because of all these resources and ingenuity, they have been able to keep the projects on course. Impressively, and despite the difficult times, both our production and design teams have prevailed in delivering all submittals on-time, making sure the projects were not delayed while continuing to exceed clients’ expectations in providing beautiful, unique and cutting-edge designs.

Our team succeeded in balancing their personal and work lives, while ensuring their health and that of their families. For all of this and more, our team of experienced industry professionals deserve to be recognized with this nomination.