Company Name: De Jorio Design International
Space Name: Champagne Bar
Cruise Line: MSC Cruises
Ship Name: MSC Seaside

MSC Seaside is the first ship of the homonymous class, a new and revolutionary prototype created for MSC Cruises, with an external shape that is totally new compared to other cruise vessels. The smokestack is moved to the center of the ship, leaving its entire back for water activities. The vertical stern is topped by a splendid glass panoramic walkway and has two panoramic elevators.

The project we are submitting here is a theme bar – Champagne Bar – located on Deck 7, a halfway deck overlooking the large entrance foyer, connected to the other decks and ship levels by wonderful Swarovsky stairways, and characterised by a large flow of people.

The design of this type of bars, subject to a particular theme, must recreate and express the imagination related to such theme and therefore have a strong and clear personality. When they belong to a specific brand, they must follow its distinctive design and colours. In the Seaside Bar, however, there was no brand and we had to communicate our particular ‘champagne mood’.

Glamour, bubbles and ice, as well as food like oysters, caviar, canapes and appetizers, are the usual images that come up to our minds when we think of champagne. To recreate such images, we chose an abstract and contemporary design, to help us give the idea of an irregular and cold matter like ice, smooth and sinuous as a whole, sharp and jagged when it is broken into pieces. Its evanescence and lightness are expressed through a bright non-coloured palette of grey and white. All the architectonic elements have a sinuous, curved and wavy shape and are covered with white resin layers of different depth that resemble sharp flakes of ice. They represent the distinctive trait of the Champagne Bar design. They cover the main counter of the bar, two free-standing crush tables located at both sides of the deck, as well as the walls and columns. The only difference is their back surface, where two different voiding elements have been used to increase the evanescent effect of ice: light for the counter and crush tables, mirror for columns and walls.

The bar structure is developed in different architectonic elements, distributed throughout the entire deck but always at its borders, so that people can move around easily and choose the most suitable spot to put themselves at ease. When accessing the deck, the first and main element that people see is the bar counter, which is very long and curved around a corner wall. It is introduced at one of its sides by an abstract sculpture decorated according to the ice layers pattern, with a single element in gold, in contrast with the predominant palette of white, grey and silver. Opposite the bar there is a crush table with stools and a sitting area with armchairs and sofas. Both the bar and the crush table are located at one side of the deck, overlooking the sea view. Other sitting areas are distributed on the deck, and on the other side there is an identical crush table with sofa and armchair sitting areas distributed along the large glass window.

Elegant and glamourous, bright and shiny, the Champagne Bar interior decoration and design reflect the stylistic trait of De Jorio Design International, their artistic flair for designing spaces with the utmost care to all details, from the design of the overall space to every single piece of furniture, harmonizing function with aestethic, tradition with modernity, always researching and proposing certified materials at the cutting edge of technology and production quality. The final result is a space that perfectly serves its aesthetic and functional purpose and distinguishes itself for beauty and style.

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