30 November 2023
ExCeL London

IDS (Belbien Architectural Film)

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Always available with a smile to assist their clients needs, the team of Cameron Forte and Samantha Kan not only supply superior product but also superior customer service.

IDS (Belbien Architectural Film) helps clients refresh and modernize various locations onboard ships globally using value-engineered products that are a cost-effective alternative to traditional construction and modernization with their 650+ SKUs and custom art/graphic print options from industry partners.

A sustainable product because it allows for ships to reduce, reuse, recycle, refresh and renew what they already have on-board ships during fleet modernization or limiting deforestation because no additional trees need to be cut down for millwork, IDS (Belbien Architectural Film) has been supplying the maritime industry for years and with thousands of projects under their belt.