30 November 2023
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Company Name: Magicman
Product Name: Magicman Sustainable Repairs
Cruise Line: Holland America Line, Marella, Carnival, Viking + more
Ship Name: Marella Explorer 2, MS Volendam, AIDAvita,Viking
Sky + more

Magicman is a restoration and rejuvenation service with over 26 years’ experience in providing specialist repairs that sustain the appearance and value of damaged or worn items. Our service is synonymous with the marine ethos of sustainability and protecting our oceans by reducing waste. Rather than replace damaged items, our marine clients choose Magicman to restore rather than discard them.

From a solitary ceramic tile to a grand piano, Magicman restore virtually any hard surface, no matter its size or uniqueness. We seamlessly restore items to look new again and extend their lifespan, often saving irreplaceable pieces. We also rejuvenate worn out items with new colours and finishes.

Magicman work closely with clients to reduce environmental impact and this year have secured warehousing and distribution from North America to lessen impact and save clients many thousands of dollars in shipping costs.

In 2019 we had notable projects on the Marella Explorer 2, Holland America Line’s Volendam and Carnival’s AIDAvita, recording 113 marine projects. Our biggest project was Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas, with teams averaging 12 men per day for 37 days. Works are carried out discretely in situ with negligible disruption to passengers and barely any waste to be disposed of and landed.

Our newest undertaking is to persuade cruise ship, ferry and pleasure craft operators of the environmental and financial benefits of maintaining their vessels while in service through the use of Magicman Riding Crews. These are team of skilled technicians who join a ship at one port and depart at another after works have been completed. This agile and fast acting aspect of Magicman was ably demonstrated when Riding Crews were sent at short notice to join the ship that had suffered distress. In March 2019, we attended the Viking Sky after she lost power and the passengers were airlifted off. We sent technicians to help rectify the damage caused after loss of power and the subsequent buffeting of storm force winds.

2019 was a great year for Magicman but it was also a year when we all had a moment. One when we realised that climate emergency was not just a protest movement but something more real. YouTube reported that ‘sustainable’ was their highest search term in 2019 as people looked for advice on how to live and work sustainably and ‘woke’ was added to the Oxford English Dictionary as we became enlightened about our impact on others and the planet. This comes as no surprise to Magicman who have been at the heart of the ‘make do and mend’ economy for more than a quarter of a century.

We put our reputation and good fortune down to supporting our clients with the delivery of an unparalleled worldwide service that considerably reduces the need to replace costly items, keeps revenue generating cabins in use, minimises disruption caused by remedial works, reduces significantly the need to send items to landfill whilst heavily reducing cost; supporting the growth of the cruise industry.

Magicman are able to significantly assist with client sustainability goals and targets.

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