30 November 2023
ExCeL London

Lindblad Expeditions – Passenger Cabin – Partner Ship Design

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Cruise Line โ€“ Lindblad Expeditions | Endurance
Lead Designer โ€“ Partner Ship Design Team
Completion Date โ€“ 30/09/2021

The private retreat for the guests on Lindblad Endurance, like the public areas on the ship, are restrained in its design tonality, but at the same time they are inviting, comfortable and of high quality. A luxurious living space that lets the unique nature shine like an artwork.

The cabin consisting of a living and a sleeping area is separated by a high-quality room-divider covered in leather. It is designed in such a way that it separates, but does not isolate. This gives a spacious and airy cabin. The generosity is also supported by the two illuminated ceiling domes, a special feature enhancing the cabin. The guest has the opportunity to accompany the ship nautically in the cabin, because we developed a navigators table to follow the expeditions.

The recessed headboard, covered with high-quality padded leather, underlines the homely character and resembles a small alcove. The guest can feel warm and comfortable in his cabin while its freezing cold outside.