30 November 2023
ExCeL London

Vahali – Vahali Spa Centre – Salt & Water

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Cruise Line – Vahali | Vahali X
Lead Designer – Svetlana Mojic Dzakula
Completion Date – 16/10/2021

In the interior project of the Vahali X river cruiser, our main concept was a connection with nature.

We tried to catch the essence of nature, so the primary motif for this space that consists of the massage rooms and sauna is the beneficial effect that nature causes, the “grounding” that provides and returns us to our true selves.

The use of natural materials and calm tones support and emphasize the initial idea. Since massages and saunas are places designed for enjoyment, relaxation, and restoration of balance, the space is designed to promote a positive experience. Wood as the dominant material together with greenery on the walls goes exactly in this direction, while gold details on the reception desk and mirrors give a luxurious note.

One of the main elements in the interior is a unique tile mosaic that stretches along several walls of the sauna and completes the concept of nature as a perfect mosaic of many different parts that together make a masterpiece. The dark colors of the mosaic are the background for rare flowers that create an almost dreamy space.

Saunas rarely seem to diverge from the prescribed design scheme of straight horizontal and orthogonal strips of timber, so we decided to change that and create an unusual look with curved shapes and unexpected window shapes for the ships.