30 November 2023
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Cruise Line – Holland America Lines | Volendam & Zaandam
Completion Date – 09/09/2022

“The SMS Group proudly undertook two exciting refurbishment projects, for the same key client, simultaneously in March of this year. The refurbishment projects were completed in Cadiz for Holland America Line. The program of works onboard the Volendam and the Zaandam was led by their ‘return to service’ requirements, and centred around repair works to public spaces. The contract was awarded and thereafter delivered in a very short timescale.

Significant work packages included bulkhead and deckhead repairs and renewals, the tiling and ‘rejuvenating’ of public washrooms, bathrooms, and showers, a significant amount of redecoration – wallcoverings and resprays, new flooring – to include tiles and vinyl, an extended program of reupholstery of furniture, to include new leather handrails, and the conversion of the reception office.

The project was spearheaded by Chris Bailey from The SMS Group; at its peak over 50 industrial trades made up the multi-skilled team – electricians, tilers, decorators, plumbers, fitters, joiners and dedicated labourers support a relentless program of works undertaken in a two-shift pattern over a three week period.

The refurbishment was besieged with challenge from the outset; tight timescales, the logistical hurdle of pivoting from ship-to-ship and vice versa in a tightly regulated Covid secure environment, vessel repositioning and subsequent sea trials, and a flexing work scope.

Midway through the project the morality and social significance of the refurbishment shifted up a gear; Holland America Line announced that the Volendam would be used to accommodate Ukrainian refugees as part of an agreement announced by the Netherlands and the City of Rotterdam – post the refit she was to accommodate 1500 Ukrainians for a three month period. Driven by a newly found humanitarian enthusiasm Chris and the team overcame all the logistical obstacles and delivered the program of works on time and on budget.

Dan Lockyer, Head of Interiors, for The SMS Group comments: “we’re in a great industry, and we genuinely love what we do. What’s fantastic about this particular refurbishment project was not only the rewarding nature of doing what we do all day every day, it was the heightened morality of knowing that the first beneficiaries of the works program would not be paying customers, but would be displace refugees; to play such a small part in such a major humanitarian initiative was both humbling and genuinely pleasing”. He concludes by saying “and of course it was, as always, a pleasure to work with Holland America Line and the team onboard”.