30 November 2023
ExCeL London

Windstar Cruises – Cuadro 44 – The Johnson Studio at Cooper Carry

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Cruise Line – Windstar Cruises | Star Breeze, Star Legend , Star Pride
Lead Designer – Sora Park
Completion Date – 01/10/2021

One of the goals of Windstar’s Star Plus Initiative, stretching their Star-class fleet, was to create a specialty restaurant that featured their partnership with the James Beard Foundation. However, since the new block would be composed almost entirely of new suites, we needed to find space for this restaurant within the existing ship. The solution required using an old pool trunk as an expo kitchen and enclosing a portion of what was formerly a lifeboat area. We used the resulting quirks of the plan to create a homey feeling, ideal for the family-style Spanish cuisine of Chef Anthony Sasso.

The design of the new specialty restaurant draws from the various regions of Spain, recalling the warm feeling of a rustic home. The residential scale combined with soft, indirect lighting creates an intimate atmosphere where guests feel surrounded by the sights, smells and tastes of Spain. A cozy chef’s counter lets diners experience the cooking up close, viewing into an open kitchen. Handcrafted details and colourful, intricate patterns provide a richness reminiscent of Andalusia, and playful accents on the walls and in the furniture capture the whimsy of Barcelona.