30 November 2023
ExCeL London

Norwegian Cruise Line – Surf Side Café Grill – Tillberg Design of Sweden

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Cruise Line – Norwegian Cruise Line | Norwegian Prima
Lead Designer – Tillberg Design of Sweden
Completion Date – 27/08/2022

Surfside’s Cafe & Grill – Rejuvenating Casual Dining

Casual dining in a clean, modern atmosphere invites relaxation in the Norwegian Prima’s Surfside Cafe Grill. For this space, which offers self-serve and “a la minute” prep items upon guest request, TDoS implemented a modern design theme highlighted by striking geometrical patterns and contrasting multi-colored recycled glass terrazzo tiles combined with wooden accents and pops of bright color.

Decorative geometrical patterns on the floor emphasize the functional divisions of the dining space’s three zones: the seating area, the food zone, and the market. A walkway between three entrances naturally subdivides the space and leads through the middle entrance in two directions: either to the forward or aft entrances of the Cafe’s outdoor seating area. In the seating area, petroleum colored and wooden seating in a variety of heights create a dynamic composition with uninterrupted sightlines to the panoramic views.  In the food zone, decorative counters in different materials are positioned parallel to the walkway for browsing to variety of dishes on offer. Large tiles and coral red details complement the neutral-toned counters for a post-modernistic but balanced look. TDoS also crafted ceiling detailing that lends interest as well as an indoor/outdoor feeling.