30 November 2023
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Company Name: Virgin Voyages
Cruise Line: Virgin Voyages
Ship Name: Scarlet Lady


Virgin Voyages have burst onto the cruise scene with Scarlet Lady, the first of three new vessels and a fresh, modern take on the cruise holiday. Virgin Voyages, launching in April 2020, is sourcing a design savvy Sailor (Customer) who desires a boutique hotel experience on the high seas. A Virgin Voyages Sailor is keen to experience life to its fullest; not only in their everyday life, but also on their holidays. Sailing onboard Virgin Voyages gives you a chance to be your greatest self: a chance to laze and dream, rest and replenish, and a chance to DANCE.

Virgin Voyages have drawn on the knowledge of those experienced in cruise design and architecture and also utilised original new-to-cruise designers, resulting in a unique and honed vision. Scarlet Lady updates the cruise experience for a whole new generation. From the announcement to launch Scarlet Lady made waves in the industry and had new and experienced cruise fans on tenterhooks for every new announcement. From the reveal of the Rockstar Suites to the eye-catching Razzle Dazzle Bar, Scarlet Lady has delivered on the hype.

Working with Roman and Williams Virgin have created The Manor, which is only the ‘best F*#$&ING nightclub at sea’! Building on Virgin’s music and party heritage, The Manor aims to be an amazing all-night club space. As the performance ends, the stage will drop, the floor lights will illuminate, the chandelier descends, and the pulse of the music will get louder and louder, where the entertainers and Sailors begin to get lost in the bacchanal.

Redemption Spa is an indulgent, transcendent marine-inspired sanctuary. Invoking the natural beauty of seaside surroundings inspired by rocks and caves, we hero the amazing sea views. Situated on Deck 5, the 720 sqm space has a direct access from the lift lobby and divided into a welcome area, treatment rooms, large open pools and hammam areas. A purpose-designed space to offer you the chance to be alone or with a group of friends. Virgin Voyages design team worked with LA-based Knibb to design this water inspired spa garden.

Technology and great design works in synergy to create excellent guest experience across the ship. Taking the best of tiffin boxes, re-usable lunch boxes, and merging them with historic sailors’ kit bags, Virgin Voyages design team together with our in-house F&B and IT Teams, have created a modern system, which gives our Crew and the Sailors an innovative experience. Ship Eats is completely reusable (re-washable) to ensure we reduce waste to landfill and stop any single use plastics on board. Good for the earth and sea. Champagne worldwide is the symbol of relaxation and luxury, so why can’t a Sailor roll over in their Sea Terrace Sea Bed and press the button for champagne?! The clever bit is that we have location mapped the whole ship; building a grid-like structure that works like mobile phone masts around the steel bulkheads and allows us to monitor and track what our Crew and Sailors are doing.