If you’re wondering how to boost your brand and benchmark it against the cruise interiors industry leaders then look no further than Cruise Ship Interiors Awards. The inaugural CSIA will recognise and reward excellence in cruise interior design and outfitting and welcomes designers, outfitters and suppliers to submit their projects, spaces and products into the running to win one of a series of prestigious awards. Here are 10 ways that getting involved with Cruise Ship Interiors Awards can boost your brand:

Use your submission to scrutinise your work

When you’re a successful supplier, designer or outfitter working in the cruise ship interiors industry the rate of work can mean there’s rarely time to pause and take stock of your projects. Preparing a submission to an awards category gives your company the opportunity to analyse what made your work on a particular project or product so successful in this instance, including what elements you would like to include in future projects or roll out across the company as a whole. Submitting to awards can help foster a learning environment in your company, which in turn benefits your company’s reputation as nimble and proactive.

The power of the shortlist

Winning an accolade gives your brand additional heft and power – who doesn’t benefit from being officially recognised as being the best at something! However, there is also great power in being included in a shortlist. Your marketing team can produce some great PR from being shortlisted alone, whether that is through social media, a press release, a newsletter delivered directly to the inboxes of your customers or even through creating banners to be featured in your email signatures and across your website.

Benchmarking your name

If you want your brand to be listed among other cruise interiors industry leaders then you need to be on the same lists – including the shortlists for awards. Entering and being shortlisted for the same awards that your desired peers and competition are entering and being shortlisted for will ensure your name is counted among them. The CSI Awards’ marketing reach is across the European and American cruise market, comprising of cruise lines, designers, outfitters, suppliers and shipyards from the ocean, river and expedition cruise markets. When combined with your own marketing to your customers and clients, everyone who needs to see your brand listed among your peers and competition will do so.

Strengthen your portfolio

Your portfolio of work is one of your most crucial tools in growing your business. A portfolio that features award nominations, shortlisting and awards themselves can give your company the edge when bidding for work and developing connections with new clients.

Establishing your name in the industry

Building your brand’s reputation is a challenging balancing act of achievement and information. Completing your work to your usual high standards is only the first step of establishing your reputation; the next step is ensuring the relevant industry publications are aware and broadcasting your work, that you’re keeping your customers aware of your latest acheivements and your online presence is up-to-date. Being nominated for or winning an award is the perfect way to combine achievement and information, communicating to the cruise industry what it is that your company excels at.

Taking control of the narrative

Grow your brand in the direction you want by carefully selecting the award category you submit your project to.  Perhaps you are a start-up company looking to make your name as a designer, outfitter or supplier to cruise lines. Maybe you are an established company who is developing a new or underused area of your business and make new or existing clients aware they can employ your expertise in new areas. Whatever your brand’s status, entry into an award category can help broadcast to the industry that your company is present and excelling in this area of business.

Even more marketing

CSI Awards has a dedicated marketing team that will be working hard to communicate to the cruise lines, shipyards and designers about the amazing achievements of our nominees. This means we’ll be using our extensive reach across social media, on our website and in dedicated newsletters to shout about your successful projects.

Broadcast your values

Sponsoring an award is the best way to associate your brand with the core values you most want to convey. Whether it’s Best Cabin Design, Sustainable Product of the Year, Best Rebrand or one of the many other categories featured in the Cruise Ship Interiors Awards, sponsorship is the best way to inform your clients and companies who wish to work with you where your priorities lie.

Make your clients happy

The high-stakes, quick turnaround cruise interiors industry relies on good communication between multiple stakeholders to succeed. Facilitate these successful working partnerships by building positive professional relationships across the chain of commission. In other words – make your clients happy! The CSI Awards offers several opportunities to build your client relationships, whether it is through sponsoring award categories that many of your clients are likely to be nominated for or bringing some of your VIP clients along to the ceremony to celebrate your nomination.

Network with peers

Whether you are a nominee or sponsor, the night of the awards offers an unparalleled networking opportunity. VIPs from the cruise lines, design firms and shipyards will be in attendance, along with many of your clients and competitors. Here at Cruise Ship Interiors we know the value of a face-to-face meeting and Cruise Ship Interiors Awards promises to provide a starry night filled with many faces.

Interested in submitting? Click here to select a category and submit your project.