Fincantieri Shipyard
The Fincantieri shipyard in Castellammare di Stabia in Naples

What makes People so important to the cruise industry?

To put it simply, the industry wouldn’t run without the people. From Creative Directors to Assistant Designers to Harbour Masters, anyone who has a hand in creating the spaces, crafting the furniture, or running the projects makes up the backbone of the cruise industry, and more specifically the cruise interior design community.

The community contains a huge variety of diverse skills – as such a large industry with a very specific focus, the people with these skills are incredibly important. The creativity from the designers and architects, coupled with the innovation in materials and thinking, delivers a consistency in quality across the whole community. With a move towards sustainable and eco-friendly products, the industry maintains a position at the forefront of technology, hospitality, and design. With a good sense of foresight and a base in technical expertise, the cruise interior design community has consistently pushed the boundaries of hospitality design, creating floating hotels the like of which are rarely seen on dry land.

The people are key to this. The innovators and creators are what drives the industry forward to new frontiers – whether it’s improving guest experience, modernising entertainment with experiential technology, or designing seamless user journeys. As such, it’s the people within this community that we will be honouring in the final category of the Cruise Ship Interiors Awards in Miami. This category will reward one ‘Legend of Design’, and one ‘Rising Star’ – nominated by you and determined by our judges. Get in touch to nominate someone today, and read on to see what kind of person we’re looking for.

What will we be looking out for in nominations?

The judges will be looking for a Legend of Design who has gone above and beyond in the world of cruise ship interiors – someone who has used their skills to create something game-changing and exciting. This person has an impressive legacy of impactful design and continues to build on their incredible work with new, exciting projects.

The judges are also looking for a Rising Star – an up and coming designer who is already making waves in the industry and is looking to create more. This person has already contributed a lot to the industry, but is sure to continue strengthening their output in the field.

Know someone like this? Make sure to get your nominations in today – the deadline for entry is the 15th January, with the finalists being announced on 25th February, so the clock is ticking!

Get your submissions in today – the deadline for entry is the 15th January 2020, with the finalists being announced on 25th February, so the clock is ticking!